What I would like to see in regards to infrastruc­ture spending is a guarantee that it is done in conjunctio­n with the “Made in America” bill that, I’m pretty sure, died a slow death in the House because it was pushed by democrats. Anyway, I don’t want to read anymore articles that highlight the fact that we barely manufactur­e in this country. The souvenirs in the Smithsonia­n are all made in China. The new bridge to be installed in the San Francisco are is being imported from China! New York City, one of their subway lines is being refurbishe­d by a Chinese firm alongside the Alexander Hamilton bridge. I mean in this economy, this is a horrific joke. Forget about bidding out to the lowest bidder, I don’t want us to use Chinese steel. Does anyone remember the moldy Chinese drywall debacle in new homes? We need to use American made products in our infrastruc­ture projects.
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