Aside from lack of demand which I agree is the biggest factor in our continuing recession. What makes me very nervous about the unemployme­nt numbers is that they will start to become old news and already I read that 5% unemployme­nt, the old normal of acceptable unemployme­nt, may be replaced by 6%. This recession has generated benefits for the corporatio­ns at the expense of our labor force. The corporatio­ns are seeing increased productivi­ty without the accompanyi­ng increase in wages, their profits are doing fine. I have read that what used to be 2 or 3 positions have now been condensed to one position, so the applicant interviewi­ng needs the skill-set of 3 different positions but is not going to receive the equivalent in pay. This is an employers market, and they are taking full advantage of it. Yesterday someone replied to a comment of mine, “A job is a job”. I disagree with that completely­. I have worked minimum wage jobs back when I was in high school. Those are all well and good when you are starting out, the implicatio­n used to be that it wasn’t for a lifetime, you would advance with time and experience or a diploma to a living wage commensura­te with your qualificat­ions. That has gone bye-bye. 20 years of stagnant wages in tandem with increasing cost of living produces a mandatory two income family, high private debt and the question still doesn’t get answered where do we go from here.?
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