I am sitting here in the hotel room in Marlboro MA waiting for my husband to get “home” from work and there is a new commercial for Yoplait’s whipped Greek Yogurt, a new way to have Greek yogurt and my immediate reaction was what would I give for a few days in France right now to have one of my childhood favorite’s, Petit Suisse or Gervais fromage blanc, which has the thickness of Greek Yogurt, the slight tang reminiscent of Greek Yogurt and all of my nostalgia wrapped in a delicous package:


Just two of these little buggers, unwrapped and sprinkled with some sugar, mixed up until the sugar dissolves and then viola, a thick, slightly tangy and sweet, absolutely delicious dessert.


My next fantasy food is a simple ham and butter sandwich on a fresh baguette. I would then love to have a steaming bowl of soupe de poisson served with the croutons, the grated Swiss cheese and a healthy dollop of rouille which is a garlicky mayonnaise, all served on top of the fish soup.  It is the most satisfying, flavor intensive culinary experience; the croutons topped with a spoonful of the rich garlic mayo, swimming in the burnt orange colored fish soup which has been pureed into a thick soup intensely flavored by a bevy of white fleshed fish, tomatoes and all of the wonderful aromatics that you can think of, topped off with the nuttiness of Swiss cheese, I promise you that food doesn’t often get much better than this.


I would then move on to a simple chocolate eclair; and perhaps for breakfast, I would have a few pains aux raisins, then I think that I would at last be satiated for at least a few months.




Mouthwateringly tempting wouldn’t you say?