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We are all still getting to know our Lulu and it is still as interesting as ever. Jack and Lulu are strengthening their bond on a daily basis; they adore going on walks together and I see first hand how Lulu adapts her behavior according to Jack’s. I have to confess that Lulu is only the second female that I have helped to take care of and the first, Jacquelina, a gorgeous blond Golden Retriver was from over twenty years ago, but from what I remember of Jacquelina, she didn’t mark her territory as Dylan, the mahogany Golden Retriever, her companion did, she went once and that was it. Lulu on the other hand has begun marking every tree stump that we encounter just like Jack does, first one goes and then the other and to top it off, Lulu spastically does the same thing as Jack does with his hind legs, scratches at the ground to cover up whatever she did; what makes it so comical besides how her back legs flail around and then it looks like she is stretching, is that poor Jack either gets a facefull of dirt or old leaves, he doesn’t look very happy when that happens. They do however walk nicely side by side, patiently waiting for the other while he or she is off sniffing something, the other then approachs to give the once over sniff in approbation. 

I know that I have posted pictures of Lulu sitting on my lap but now it has gotten crazy; I don’t know if Lulu is bound and determined to have my lap because she wants to do everything that Jack does or if it is because she just wants to be very close to me, but either way I have two dogs not vying for primacy, they are just happy to be close together on my lap, Lulu leans over and licks Jack, Jack kisses her back and I have one hand on him with the other on her and they are happy to fall asleep with Jack sleeping quietly while Miss Lulu snores loudly and rhythmically,  making us all giggle. 



My husband and I are on the road again and I miss them already, I miss the kids as well, but they are busy with their jobs and school, which makes my husband and I very happy besides the fact that they take excellent care of Jack and Lulu. Our daughter is a great mom to Lulu which doesn’t surprise me, she was pretty wonderful with her bunny Jump when she was little and she took very good care of the two ferrets that she had in her room.

I am looking forward to getting back home, but being on the road has its perks, my husband and I get quality alone time which is very important especially when you have to start preparing yourself both mentally and emotionally for the moment in time when your children leave the home. That is one thing that I am not looking forward to whatsoever; I wouldn’t mind how ever long they stayed at home, in my mind it’s their home and they are welcome forever. Having said this I realize that it does one good to separate oneself from one’s parents and I know that it will happen for our children, I’m just not going to rush them towards the inevitable.