When I got home, I had to look for the dogs because the house was eerily quiet. I checked our daughter’s room and I saw that she was at work, so I went to our son’s room and jackpot, the three of them sitting on the couch watching t.v. Lulu on one side and Jack on the other with our son wrapping each dog within one of his arms much like I do when I am at home. They looked adorable, the three of them.

As soon as my son said “Maman’s home” they whipped their heads around and saw me and in tandem leapt off the couch and practically bowled me over. I grabbed the little one and led the big one over to the couch so that I could kiss my son on the cheek. That is when the dogs decided that since Maman was home, going outside was what was on the agenda. They are so funny because it seems that they know which human does what and that even when the other humans do everything for them, they still know that one human is the walking human while the other human is the feeding person and all humans are good for cuddling.

Our children also know that when Maman gets home, dinner gets made for them and I can appreciate that myself because whenever I go to my mother’s house, she makes me dinner, lunch or brunch. Isn’t it great to have a mom who cooks for you? Tonight I made pasta with minced garlic, butter and I melted three pieces of Laughing Cow cheese, I forgot if I had written about using Laughing Cow before when I was out of Parmesan cheese, but it works really well, it makes the pasta nice and creamy. I’m not the only one who cooks for the kids, my husband does as well and we both enjoy doing it for them. We did make sure that they both know their way around the kitchen so that they can feed themselves when we aren’t home but they both prefer it so much more when we feed them. lol.