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Farscape 1999-2003
The other day, I was channel-surfing and I stumbled upon an episode of Farscape, an Australian sci-fi series that my hubby and I fell in love with, we were so sad when it ended. You can find it on Netflicks but finding it accidentally late night made my night. The thing that I miss most about Farscape is the relationship between John Crichton and Aeryn Sun, their chemistry was off the charts, you felt their love for one another through the t.v screen. John would do anything for his love Aeryn and she for him. together they fought against the forces of evil especially the evil forces who were committed to getting into John’s head to discover how he navigated the wormhole that dropped him into this part of the universe. The evil forces weren’t content with their parts of the universe, they wanted to conquer all possible parts of the universe.


The actor Ben Browder did such an excellent job playing John Crichton; his character demonstrated bravery, compassion, loyalty, nobility and self-sacrifice. I am not forgetting the actress Claudia Black, she gave such life to her character Aeryn Sun, the way she acted as Aeryn, her courage in the face of any danger, her commitment to keeping John safe from all harm, her quest to redeem her past transgressions. They made such a grand pair, I didn’t want them to go, the only saving grace that the writers gave us fans was the baby that they created with their love, and what an adorable baby they had. That was the series grand finale.

I wanted to share a great series to anyone who has Netflicks and wants to see a great love story and great friendships. Because in my focus on the love story, I neglected to mention the awesome friendships that you see between John, Aeryn and the rest of the crew members of the spaceship Moira.