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Plinky.com has been my go to for prompts since early on in 2011, I know that they are affiliated in some way with WordPress because many of their prompts show up sooner or later on WordPress in their Daily Post. Having a go to for ideas is pretty great when you want to maintain posting something on a daily basis and you find yourself stuck or short on inspiration. It is precisely for that reason, that I try really hard to not complain or criticize the prompters. They help me so the least that I can do is take their help without complaint. πŸ™‚

However, over the past two days, I have had nothing but trouble with Plinky. It started the day before yesterday, I tried to log in with my Plinky account to answer the prompt and cross post it over to WordPress and for the second time now, they lost my account. I had to re-register, I know that my account had been either erased or permanently lost because I was able to, once again, register using my email, my user name and the password. The next trouble that I had was I answered the prompt, it prompted you to take the third line from a song and make it your post. I took the time to past a link to a music video, write a whole bunch a words surrounding the third line of a song, clicked on the answer button and nothing, it went off into cyberspace without getting attached to anything or anywhere. This morning, I tried to answer the prompt on Plinky thinking that yesterday was a fluke, and it still didn’t work. I wrote a post related to patriotism, since the prompt was “are you patriotic and what does patriotism mean to you?”. Perhaps it was the universe telling me that my thoughts were too dark, I basically was saying that shouldn’t patriotism be more about how we, as a nation treat each other and shouldn’t we be in this together? I also mentioned that I find it hard to accept that there are some who only associate patriotism with the military and being the best. I expressed it much better than that, but like I said, it got lost. I got frustrated losing my two posts, I wrote them as I normally do, relying on the stream of words that flow out of my head, I liked how it came out, so to lose it was annoying. I know that I could rewrite it, but I can’t remember exactly how I wrote it, I know that I liked it, but the stream is lost to me and it is frustrating. Silly I know, but I wanted to share my frustrations with the internet today.