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Our cousin ended up being surprised after all so our road trip to Canandaigua was a success. We were very happy that we took the weekend to make the trip because if we hadn’t come, it wouldn’t have worked out to be much of a surprise after all. Carly’s boyfriend by mixing up the date had essentially guaranteed a very low turn out of friends and my hubby’s cousin’s other siblings couldn’t make it so Carly had us, her parents, her brothers and her boyfriend as the surprise givers. She was completely blown away by our presence.

Her older brother decided that the best way to surprise Carly was to bring the surprise to her, so we waited until right before the kitchen at the restaurant where she works was closing and we went in for dessert. The look of absolute surprise and happiness was more than worth it. Her smile lit up the room and our baby girl grabbed her in a big hug, it was heart warming to see the two girls so happy to see each other.

On another note, Jack is turning out to be a wonderful traveling dog. He met our cousins bigger dog Gabby and after several minutes of working through the dog appropriate sniffing and assessing, they got along famously. We had a quiet night in the hotel room, Jack didn’t bark at every noise so he wasn’t a disturbance and he didn’t have any accidents as of yet. This is a great sign for future trips.