Write about something you consider "ugly"- war, violence, failure, hatred- but try to find beauty, or a sense of hope, in your thoughts.

I immediately thought of a scene out of one of my favorite movies, not well known or popular, "Joe versus the Volcano". Tom Hanks plays the lead, Joe Banks, and the opening scene of the movie is in black and white, showing a cavernous factory with the workers en masse walking to the entrance in assembly line formation, much like automatons to the music of the song "16 tons" the only tiny splash of color is a small daisy growing through the cracks of the sidewalk despite against all the odds. At the last second of the scene, the tiny delicate daisy gets crushed by an oblivious shoe.

It is only later when our Joe Banks, upon getting horrible news from his doctor, goes back to his job and his eye catches the crushed daisy and he takes the time, despite his horrible diagnosis, to prop the daisy back up and give it a second lease on life.

Amidst all of that despondence, someone finally wakes up and appreciates the tiny spark of beauty and takes the time to revive it. "Joe versus the Volcano" is a hokey movie, I will grant everyone that but I love the message, I love the actors, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, the music is great and it is a feel good movie all around.

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