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I don’t why I entitled my post “When in doubt, bake banana bread”. I did bake a banana bread this afternoon, not because I felt doubtful or anything, I baked it because I was getting tired of looking at three ripe bananas in the refrigerator, not doing anything but get older and browner. Technically, I baked a banana walnut/pecan bread with the single ingredient being 1/4 cup of sour cream. The house smelled wonderful, all bananany and walnuty, sweet and comforting smells wafting though the hall down to the living room.



My hubby is my food stylist, he arranged the banana bread just so, sliced it and spread some whipped cream cheese on a slice to make an appetizing picture. He is wonderful and talented in that way. My style is the first picture, without adornment, plain and what you see is what you get. More or less who I am as a person, what you see is what you get, pure and simple. At least I think so.