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Argh and brrrr. Starting tomorrow it is going to be insufferably cold for at least five straight days. We are speaking of temperatures with the high’s getting to 20 and the low’s settling at 0. My bones are whimpering already at the mere thought of leaving the house. I have been reading that the weather hasn’t been very cooperative over in Europe either. Airports have been filled with poor passengers stranded, the roads or trains haven’t been of much use either. with the snow and ice. I know that it is very cliched to speak of the weather when it is being annoying. I suppose that I am complaining not only because I can’t do anything about it, but it gets exceptionally frustrating when the extreme cold front decides to park itself over your neighborhood. I know that I am not the only one and I should absolutely not complain for one second because at least I have a house to shelter me; not like those poor souls who lost everything to Hurricane Sandy. Those storm victims have still not been made whole by their insurance companies. I can’t imagine the stress and the fear that has to dominate their lives just trying to survive the day to day. So I am walking back from my complaints. I know that it won’t be cold for very long, only a week or so, this too shall pass.

Last night my hubby and I rented the dvd Loopers; the movie with Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt and Joseph-Levitt Gordon. It was an excellent movie; the reason why I used the word excellent is because the ending threw me for a complete loop. I did not see that coming. I must admit that the whole time, space continuum equation had me confused here and there but It’s not as if time travel is an actual working theory, so I’m not sweating my confusion. The only criticism that I can think of, and I am not aiming it solely at Loopers, is the dystopian feel to the futuristic movies of the past several years. Why can’t we have a hopeful vision of the future in a movie or two? Gene Roddenberry had a beautiful vision of the future and we saw it in Star Trek. I’d like to see more of that.