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I have written previously about my newfound favorite talk show host Craig Fergeson. His antics coupled with his delightful Scottish accent make me burst out in laughter every evening when I watch him on TiVo. Craig’s sidekick is a gay skeletal robot voiced by someone who has a gift of mimicry and voice impersonations. The gay skeletal robot’s name is Geoffrey Peterson and he does a mean Morgan Freeman, a hilarious Liam Neeson and Craig Fergeson responds to these impersonations with a few of his own; Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Jason Straham and David Bowie. You never know what is going to come out of these two and they often behave like cheeky monkeys which suits me very much.

However I have started to go astray lately. I stumbled onto the Graham Norton show on the BBC and his talk show is fantastic. He brings his guests out all together and as a viewer, you get the added bonus of seeing how they interact together and it makes them so much more human and ordinary. Often I find myself thinking that this format shines a better spotlight on the movie stars because you get to see why you really like their work. I would imagine that it would be hard to enjoy the work done by a horrible, uninteresting person and being on the couch with two other stars would be difficult to hide that type of character flaw. Graham Norton’s personality is very infectious, he gleefully engages the audience and eagerly welcomes his guests, he never fears teasing his guests and has a wonderful tongue in cheek manner about him. He is as much the reason to watch as are the stars on the show. He isn’t as risque as Craig Fergeson but you are still going to laugh and be entertained. This week’s guest list was Billy Connelly, Dustin Hoffman and John Bishop. The movie promoted was The Quartet, a movie directed by Dustin Hoffman and is about retired opera singers living at a retirement home designated solely for opera singers. It seems to be a very different and interesting movie.

So Craig I’m sorry but I have found someone new; not to replace you, no one ever could, but I am going to share my attentions with another talk show host, but don’t worry I will always make time to watch you on TiVo.