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My best friend Debbie sent me these pictures and I wanted to share them with you. It’s very easy to get caught up in the holiday fervor and buying frenzy that we can sometimes forget to stop, take a breath and remember those who aren’t with us anymore. Gizmo is still with us, he’s about six years old now but he and my best friend moved away last year to another town an hour away and I miss them. I was so lucky to have them next door for over ten years that their going left a big hole in my daily life.

Marshall, Rex and Jump were extraordinary pets and we were blessed to have them for as long as we did. Jump the bunny lived to twelve and the pictures of Gizmo trying to have his way with poor Jump are the only times that we ever saw Jump actually jump. He was the most good-natured little bunny and the baby girl treated him like her very own toy bunny, sneaking him up into her room at night and sleeping with him. He was so very sweet. Marshall or grandpa as we liked to call him was a character. He was the patriarch of the group and he knew it. Rex adored him as did we all. Rex as you must know by now was almost human, he was so gentle and responsible. I miss them all.