My all time favorite smell is a difficult one to pin down; I have a few smells that I am crazy for, not just the one.

I love the smell of lilac; in the spring you might find me with my nose in a lilac sprig blossoming off of one of my many lilac bushes in my garden. The smell never gets old, it is so soothing. I could say the same of my rosemary bush and my thyme plants; both equally soothing.

There is the smell of butter and sugar baking in the oven that tickles and whets the appetite. The aroma of butter in any form is always welcomed by my nose.

There is another one of my my favorites over by the sea in France; the smell that I associate with my vacations at Le Canon. When I would park the car under the pine trees and my two babies and I would walk over the wooden pallets, the sand and the salty air from the ocean. That combination of pine, sand and salt should be bottled for me to transport me to the summer days of vacation when it is a dreary day like today.

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