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The list is getting shorter, hooray! The only thing about Christmas that brings the Scrooge out of me is shopping. I have never enjoyed shopping at all and the thought of hitting the stores with the hordes trying to figure out what to get for who, normally makes me shrivel internally. Yet today I had a very relaxing time of it. I went out early with a set number of stores and a specific set of gifts to buy in mind so I had purpose and that alone helped tremendously.

I am not divulging what I got because certain concerned parties read my blog and what is coming on Christmas day needs to be a secret until then, because what is more fun than being surprised on Christmas day? The shops everywhere were beautifully decorated and being at the stores so early made me feel as if they had opened the stores just for me. I was in and out so very quickly and the salespeople were so bright and cheery, still fresh from their morning coffee. I came away from my shopping experience with a smile on my face. Pleasant people, gifts acquired and I still had the whole day ahead of me, mission accomplished.