Today Plinky is asking me to write my obituary. How lovely, I wonder if this is in response to the alleged apocalypse coming tomorrow? If it does indeed come, I don't really have to write one because no one will be around to read it, except theoretically those who made it to the small town of Sirence Turkey or Bugarach, France. I'm not sure of the spelling but when we are talking apocalypse, is spelling really that important? So here goes.

Today we lost a nice lady, Laurie Nichols, who was a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. She was only 45 years old. She loved laughing, writing, reading, gardening, cooking and baking. She most definitely loved her family, pets and friends. She was passionate about politics, food, travel and being kind and compassionate. She loved life, lemons and lemonade. She would have loved living much longer than just 45, she looked forward to being a grandmother in ten years time, when her babies were more or less ready for it. She will be missed by her husband whom she misses as well since she is no longer with him because she is the subject of this obituary.

Remind me not to write my own, I'm sure that someone else will do a much better job. This was a tad morbid.

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