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It started sometime during the night, my tummy was hurting enough to wake me up, that is a rarity. The nausea has been an all day affair which is annoying because it got in the way of chores that I had planned to do today. I forced myself to walk little Jack his usual three routes but was that absolutely painful. The cold sweat and the leg weakness was a little overwhelming at moments. I made it back to the warmth and comfort of my bed. The dishes are still in the sink,my goal of 1500 more words still untyped and I was planning to bring in a lot more logs into the garage from outside because, believe it or not, they are forecasting a Nor’easter on Wednesday. As if the Northeast needs more wind, rain and snow. Those poor people who are still without power, water and heat; it breaks your heart. It has gotten noticeably colder over the last few days, I hope that the power companies move faster because being cold all the time is horrible. I am so very lucky that my power outage only lasted 24 hours and my house only suffered a broken down partition of fence which the baby boy fixed for me. I can’t even imagine what it would be to see our house either swept away, broken in pieces or burnt down to a shell. That is what has happened in New Jersey and New York. I pray that everyone will be made whole in time.