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  • Explaining a complicated subject
  • I have already answered this a few weeks ago. It was a daily prompt from WordPress. I didn’t have anything of value to share because I am not an expert on anything complicated. I know how to do some basic things really well and those things are pretty much in every person’s repertoire. Wait a minute, I know how to bleed a furnace. You take a 3/8th’s wench and locate the nipple of the pipe that is the emergency drain of the furnace. You take the wench and turn it counter-clockwise until the oil starts running out of the small pipe, as soon as you see a steady stream of oil without any air bubbles, you can tighten the nipple to a close and restart your furnace. This is necessary to do if your oil tank goes down to empty and it is filled, the resulting air bubbles get in the way of the oil flow. There, that is my special know how and I hope that I explained it simply and well.