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Last night we went out to dinner at Moo, an American restaurant right near the State House on Beacon Street with friends of ours, Moo is a great place for steak if you hadn’t guessed from the name. LOL

We stayed at the Liberty Hotel, the old jail, once again because it is right next door to Mass General where my surgeon Dr. Morse is located, we met with him to discuss my overall treatment. He was so reassuring and positive, a welcome change of pace I have to confess, he displayed a cheerful confidence that the aggressive combination of chemo and radiation would be enough to eradicate the cancer, enough for him to pass on the esophagectomy, the reason he gave us was convincing enough for me to change my feelings on just cut it out. The way he described the procedure, a diagram and precise imagery, I feel comfortable with his recommendations. Essentially, we learned that the esophagus is a rigid tube and in order to cut out the cancer, he would be forced to remove my esophagus in its entirety and connect my stomach to my throat, I would literally have my stomach in my throat, that would be a life altering event, how do you live and eat “normally” after that? I would rather be aggressive in the chemo/radiation and then if something changes and it isn’t completely gone, we still have the option for surgery down the road. But as of right now, we are going to hope that this course of treatment will be the best one.

In the meantime, until the 18th of January, I am going to pretend that all is normal and eat to my heart’s desire. Last night as we walked around Beacon Hill, I took a few pictures, it is so beautiful, I only wish my pictures could have done the area more justice.