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On our last day in New York, my mother and my cousin treated us to lobster with steamed baby potatoes. My husband and I arrived early to help because lobster as we enjoy it is a family affair. Before I get into describing the sauce and the slaughter, I have to brag about my mother’s butternut squash soup, it was delicious. She had roasted the butternut squash while she sauteed tons of onions and garlic, after she had added the roasted squash, she pureed it to a beautiful thick consistency, it was a delight to eat right before the lobster, giving us a nice warmth in the belly, setting up the perfect conditions to thoroughly enjoy the lobster feast to come.

As you can see, the slaughter is pretty brutal, my cousin wanted to be the one to lead the lobsters to their destiny, I don’t mind doing it, the method is very quick, a decisive plunge into the head with a very sharp knife and it is over for the lobster. We prefer to roast our lobsters after drizzling olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika over the tender meat in a 375 degree oven for about 15 minutes for 21/4 lb lobsters. I wish that I hadn’t forgotten to take pictures of the famous sauce, it is a beautiful sauce, white with red dots throughout, the red dots are the lobster roe simmered in the heavy cream. However if you look closely at the pictures, you can see the sauté pan filled with sauteed shallots, reduced to a syrupy consistency after stirring for about ten minutes over medium high heat about a cup of white wine and 3 tablespoons of white vinegar, you can also see the cartons of heavy cream, what I neglected to show were the images of lobster eggs, they are a rich dark green and when you break them up with a fork and whisk them into the hot cream and shallot mixture, they become these multitudes of red dots which give the sauce the loveliest taste, you can’t go back to drawn butter once you eat lobster with this sauce, it just isn’t the same.

We had steamed baby potatoes, which eaten with the sauce, is a perfect compliment to the sweet lobster meat. I personally love heaping spoonfuls of sauce over the lobster tamale, the insides of the lobster, because it becomes something rich and decadent on the tongue, as food critics like to say, it has a great mouth feel and the taste is just out of this world. Words honestly can’t describe how delicious it is, you just want to continue sucking and finding every bit of lobster goodness possible, I eat lobster as if it is the last meal I will ever eat, I become an absolute mess, licking every single finger, making the loudest noises while I lick everything and suck up all of the juices. My barbaric behavior at the table is why I never order lobster at a restaurant, I keep my nonexistent table manners at home. LOL

This was an excellent day for us, not so much for the lobsters.