My mother and I walked quite a bit downtown, we went out to eat at the Red Cat on 10th avenue and 23rd Street, it was a delicious dinner. I introduced my mother to the excellent red quinoa and cauliflower salad with pomegranate seeds and roasted pistachio nuts that my husband and I had discovered here last week and I discovered a new favorite, Swiss chard and ricotta ravioli with a brown butter sauce and hazelnut crumble, to die for!!!! 

While we were walking I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures because how can you not, New York CIty is magnificent at night. We walked quite a bit, we started at Union Square and walked over to 10th avenue and 23rd Street and after dinner we walked uptown to 34th Street and 6th avenue, it was a lovely night, people were out in droves, the weather was balmy for this time of year and we wanted to walk off dinner.

The energy in New York City is inescapable, it is also contagious, that is part of New York’s allure I think, you get the sensation that something exciting is happening just around the corner and if you hurry you just might be part of it. At least that is how I felt when I was younger and going into the city everyday for both school and work.

My mother and I had a really nice time together as usual, we have such fun finding new places to eat and new recipes to try recreating at home. I am excited to get home and figure out how to put together the ravioli and its sauce, it should be interesting at the very least, hopefully in a delicious way.