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We loved it, loved it, even in 3-D, normally I’m not a huge fan, but it worked so well here. I laughed, squealed in empathetic stress for our hero, dodged and weaved, jumped a few times and laughed again. 

It was a great Marvel movie and Paul Rudd is an excellent superhero. Ants have never entered the ick arena for me, other insects yes, but ants are different somehow. When I was in Costa Rica, I was fascinated by the Leaf Cutter ants, they are amazing workers and architects, deligent in their work habits and almost inspirational by their committment to their community. The movie gives a brief entomology lesson which I found fascinating, I hope the kids did as well, we need more scientists and insects are an important part of our global ecological system, we are all links in a great chain that binds us all together.

I als hope that kids will embrace the message that size often doesn’t matter, intelligence and teamwork are huge pluses in any problem.

Go see it, it was so much fun!