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Jack is the epitome of pigletness, I tell you. Jack decided to go out this morning tomato picking, I caught him lying on this rug, sphinx style, gently nibbling on his tomato, his first harvest. I surprised him, of course, when I crept over to take a picture. The little nut!

His newest thing with Lulu, after they finish having their 3 o’clock vittles, Jack stands underneath her mouth and licks her teeth clean, he then walks over to the water bowl to sip out any little crumbs she leaves behind after drinking from it. He is unbelievable.

 In other news, after we had a good laugh about Jack and Lulu, I went to go squash and basil picking, my husband had a few ideas for the basil. He made a superb pesto using our fresh basil, a huge bunch of it, three different cheeses and good olive oil, he dressed some fresh tortellini with it and it was delicious. The basil was the star, its flavor so aromatic, as my tastebuds were embracing its herbaceous flavor, my nose was compounding the sensation, both were appreciating my husband’s pesto. 

Once you have garden fresh produce, it really changes how you perceive our food delivery system. It is so hard to go back to supermarket tomatoes after spending a summer eating your own off the vine.