As soon as I got back home, unpacked the car, said hello to Jack and Lulu, put things away, watch General Hospital, I got my iPad, went out back and started to document how my vegetables have grown.

My tomatoes are coming along very nicely, I picked a cucumber, two heads of lettuce and my husband picked a green pepper, I think it was actually a poblano pepper. My husband loves making his salads, what is especially nice about having a garden, is going outside, twisting a ripe head of lettuce, grabbing a cucumber, a pepper or two and soon, as many tomatoes he likes in his salad, coming back inside and throwing it all together. Of course after washing and drying everything.

As you see I am awash in yellow squash, however I recently read about pickling squash instead of pickling cucumbers, I think I’m going to do that, I have a plan of action, well at least for one vegetable. lol