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What a fantastic movie, it was just my husband and me, the kids were unavailable, but we loved it even while we sadly mourned the late Paul Walker throughout the movie. The action sequences, the insane stunts, the incredible usage of the locations both as stages and as characters within the adventure.

Kurt Russell was such a treat and Jason Stratham was extremely believable as the bad guy bent on vengeance for his little brother; I hate to admit that both times that Jason Stratham had to go up against the Rock and then against Vin Diesal, I had a hard time rooting for anybody because I like the three of them very much as action heroes.

I am terrified of heights and the flying car routines were just insane and as Paul Walker repeated himself a few times, cars don’t fly, but in this movie, it was as close as you could get to flying cars. I felt as if I had been on a giant roller coaster ride each time a car was careening through the open air, it was majorly intense.

This movie was an incredible tribute to Paul Walker and they did him justice in making him a permanent feature in film history, his audience and fans won’t ever forget him and neither will his family and friends. He was taken too soon, only 40, what a tragedy.

I highly recommend seeing this movie, for all of the stress and chaos, you have great moments of levity, as always thanks to Tyerese, he had me laughing out loud so many times, him and Ludocris; they most certainly are a pair.