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Not only spring bounty in the garden, perhaps bounty isnt’t the correct word since I only have the one daffodil, but spring bounty in the kitchen, asparagus!

These are the most beautiful asparagus that I have seen in such a long time, I am not a fan of the pencil skinny aspargus, I much prefer the thick stemmed sized and when I saw them in the supermarket, I grabbed them immediately. I am going to make a dijon mustard vinaigrette to serve with them, it’s going to be so delicious, the firm bite of the asparagus with the thick creaminess of the vinaigrette, it makes for a delicious pairing.

I can’t believe that I only have the one daffodil, he is very cute all alone in the side bed, poor lamb. I think that maybe come fall, I will plant a whole bunch of daffodil bulbs to give my little guy some more company next spring, he looks like he needs it.