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Our days our organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

My favorite meal and time of day is breakfast time and of course the morning hours; that doesn’t mean that I worship the dawn, I much prefer the more civilized mid to late morning hours; but regardless, breakfast time is my favorite meal of the day. The best mornings are those where I don’t have to go anywhere early; I can sleep until I wake up, I have the luxury of making my oatmeal the way I like it, over the stove top with milk and milled flaxseed and I get to check Facebook while I eat my oatmeal and afterwards I have my pot of coffee leisurely while I read all of my e-mails and then move over to the online journals and the Huffington Post where I comment on an article and cross-post it to my political blog. All of this takes up to around two and half hours, that is what I consider to be the perfect morning and my perfect ritual.