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Wow, what an excellent modern take on the original concept of Godzilla. I almost want to end my post right here because I don’t want to give away any inadvertent spoilers. I will take my chances and proceed albeit with caution. I will say that for those who are nostalgic for old Godzilla, you will not be disappointed. That is all I can safely say except for I loved it!

The whole family went to the movies; this was a belated Mother’s Day celebration because no one was around on Sunday. We then went off to Great Barrington to the wonderful Japanese restaurant Bizen. We shared appetizers such as steamed shumai, shrimp dumplings, Monkfish liver delicately prepared and served with a lovely ponzu sauce and a delectable tuna tartar that our daughter inhaled; she is the queen of tartar. We then moved on to the main courses. I had a “binge on the fringe” a spicy tuna, smoked eel, salmon, and avocado roll, our son ordered two specialty rolls, one called “meditation” and the other “magic”, our daughter ordered “puff dragon” and my husband ordered “Godzilla” very apropos given the movie that we had just seen.

Afterwards I couldn’t resist the call of ice cream; right down the street from Bizen is an ice cream shop called SoCo. They have deliciously creamy ice cream and I ordered two scoops of my Achilles Heel Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream in a waffle cone. It was a beauteous thing to behold and a most luscious dessert to lick and savor on the ride home. Our son drove home which is why I was able to take my time in the backseat appreciating my ice cream cone. It was a lovely outing all in all.