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I had written on Monday that we were going to have rainy weather for the rest of the week, but apparently the weather people were mistaken so I have used all of these wonderful days at home to work as much in my garden as I could because I’ll be back on the road soon with my husband.

The tweaking that I mean is the replacement of a dead Japonica shrub with a live Azalea and the new placement of the other new Azalea in the side garden in the back, I dug up the blackberry shrub and another random spreading shrub and I placed the new Azalea in its place.

I also wound up with a blank slate in the upper garden so I planted one of my new plants Speedwell Veronica


I am thinking that it will make a wonderful addition to the top tier and I look forward to see how it will blend in with my other plants. The tweaking isn’t done, not by a long shot, I have some serious housekeeping to do, the vinca ground cover that I had planted has done very well in most places, but in certain places the vinca has gone completely hog wild and has started strangling out other plants, so like I said there is some major housekeeping that needs to be done, maybe over the weekend.