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Today I am wandering around Arlington, Virginia. Architecturally it seems to be a hodge-podge of various architectural styles and inclinations making for an eclectic mix that is rather unique in my opinion. I do love all of the tulips in bloom, with the crisp chill still present in the air, the tulips will be in bloom for quite a while which is a boon to the residents of Arlington because who doesn’t love tulips?







So far I have visited Reston, Herndon, Chantilly; driven through Fairfax and now walking around Arlington. All of these areas are charming in their own way; everything seems so new compared to Boston or even New York City. I get the sense of large areas and spread out vistas as opposed to everything built upwards due to limited space as we have up north in the two cities that I know best.

These visits down to Virginia has given me the chance to get to know a part of the States that I had previously sped through on my way further south, it was always a point on a map, now I am getting familiar with this point and it is rather pleasant.