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Today I made it a point to rest because I was feeling very rundown from the past several days. I went outside with Jack in the back instead of taking him on his usual walk and I went over to compost pile to throw away a fallen branch and there I saw a blooming Bleeding Heart growing right up in the middle of the compost pile. This is mid September, so not the season for a Bleeding Heart to be blooming and growing, especially in the middle of a compost heap. Now what I call my compost pile, is the pile where I put the bamboo cuttings, the weeds, lawn clippings and everything plant based under the sun. Nothing besides plant life goes in, so theoretically, the product of everything that has broken down over the past seasons should be very healthy and nutrient dense, perhaps this is why a Bleeding Heart has sprung out of nowhere and decided to make the compost pile its new home.

I can tell you this, seeing the Bleeding Heart definitely put a smile on my face. The power of Mother Nature.