Write about a time when you didn't take action but wish you had. What would you do differently?

In the fog that is my mind, I am sure that there are plenty of instances that I could have done something but didn't, such as be a good Samaritan to a stranger in need. I did that once; a man came up to me and asked for money to get gas for his car because he had forgotten his wallet. He said that he would mail me the money and he never did; that was about ten years ago and it stuck because I did something in good faith and the person took advantage. I hope that perhaps he paid it forward to someone else. I hope that was the case. There was another time when my friend and I took the excess food from our office Christmas party and brought it to the homeless in the subway station in New York City and we were chased away because we didn't give them money, that was a little scary. It was over twenty years ago when the homeless population in New York City was at an unbearable high. However for those two stories there are times when I should have helped, I am sure. It is really hard to know when your actions can make a difference or when they can sometimes get you in trouble. Our world has always been a somewhat confusing place, we can only try our hardest to do our best.

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