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Today, my hubby, the babies and I, all went to the movies together as one happy family, opting to go see the same movie instead of slitting up and seeing different movies. Beforehand we went to eat lunch at K’s, a Japanese restaurant right here in Westfield, their sushi is quite nice and they also offer Hibachi grilling for those who like a little side show from their chef. The Hibachi chefs are quite entertaining with their cleaver skills and throwing their food up off the grill while slicing it on the way down. We usually prefer the sushi part of the restaurant; the baby girl and I get our speciality rolls and my hubby and the baby boy either get sushi/sashimi or Bento boxes. After lunch, we were more than ready for our movie.

My hubby had asked the baby girl to check the movie times to see what was playing and the baby girl and I were very happy that the best time out of all the times playing for all the available movies was that for “Warm Bodies”. My hubby had said previously that he wouldn’t mind seeing it, but the baby boy was quite begrudging on the movie choice. The baby boy was pleasantly surprised by how mistaken he was in his preconceived notion. All of us loved the movie. We left the movie theater saying that we just saw the best zombie movie ever. We laughed, we said aww more than a few times, we were nervous for the hero and the heroine, we were interested, the whole gamut of emotions in one movie. There was courage, nobility, self-sacrifice, love, best friends, open-mindness, forgiveness and hope; all in a zombie movie. After seeing “Warm Bodies” I don’t know how I’m going to feel about “World War Z” starring Brad Pitt when it comes out. I read the book and I thought it was very good, I was looking forward to it and now I am not so sure.