Dear Self,
Today is the day you have to read this letter. Monday, July 17th, 2012.

I hope that you had a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas, I hope that you had started making plans and saving up for your long trip to France to celebrate Tonton Leon’s 85th birthday. You should be there in France right now and I hope that you have made a point to visit as many of the cousins as possible. At this date I’m not sure if we would be in Rouen, Lyons or Bordeaux. But, most importantly, we would be in France. Have you had a nice sandwich de jambon et du beurre? Ham with butter sandwich, it sounds really plain and simple, which it is, but it is the gloriousness of the 3 ingredients that make it so spectacular. The golden richness of Normandy butter coupled with a fresh slice of ham from the butcher on a fresh, out of the oven, 6 inch baguette, is just so good that no matter how hungry you are, you chew it slowly, to savor the crunchiness of the baguette mingled with the slight tang of salt from the ham and the rich smooth creamery butter, all these tastes and textures rolling around your taste buds of your tongue. You know what I am talking about. I hope that we have indulged in the perfection that is the chocolate eclair. I can go on and on, but don’t forget to try to make each day go as slowly as possible. No looking forward to something while there with everyone, because looking forward to something makes the days go too quickly. Not like when we were younger, time is on high-speed these days and we want to stop and smell the thousands of roses around us. I know that there were a few posts about pictures and whether or not they capture moments in time or memories but whatever was decided, who cares, take pictures, at least one of everybody. Don’t forget the countryside everywhere.

I hope to remember to read this letter next year and I hope that I will be reading it on my Ipad in France. I can show all my relatives all the posts that I have written and will still be writing from overseas. Exciting! Something to look forward to! Time may go quickly, but time goes quickly anyway, at least there will be something wonderful and worthwhile at the end of the wait.

Hope that you are having fun!