The GOP as a whole does not have a single original idea, we already know that their prescripti­on of tax cuts does not create jobs, we know that they don’t care about deficits, we know that they want to dismantle all of our social safety nets, yet when President Obama presented them with the “Grand Bargain” Boehner declined because there were tax increases. The GOP appears ready to self-implo­de and take us down with them. Their game plan is just plain asinine. When are we going to bite the bullet and get back to jobs, infrastruc­ture investment is the way to go. The unemployme­nt figures are not going to get better, private sector is not there for us. Cutting the federal payrolls just takes money out of the economy. Federal employees spend money like the rest of us, they don’t live in a vacuum. Their dollars count like ours do. As we wind down the wars, what are we going to do with our bravest, they are coming home home to no jobs. We need to start the constructi­on industry again and that means government spending on our crumbling infrastruc­ture. We have to wake up and stop fixating on a deficit that was created by tax cuts and a casino like financial industry. We need to get the nuts and bolts of an old fashioned economy going again, not finance but constructi­on, building and manufactur­ing.
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