I had this endoscopy done because I’m still experiencing pain in my esophagus, so this procedure was exploratory. The results, instead of finding the exact source of my pain, yielded wonderful results, the doctor could not physically see any sign of the tumor, it is really gone. He of course took biopsies to be on the safe side, but when I saw him after the procedure, he was in very good spirits and spoke confidently about there being no sign of the tumor, there is a lot of scar tissue and signs of increased spastic activity, but this isn’t anything to worry about, the spasms are a normal state of affairs regarding my esophagus. I came away from the procedure feeling really good and unbelievably hungry. The endoscopy took place at 12:30, I didn’t have any breakfast and the procedure was cutting into the lunchtime hour, so afterwards I was STARVING.

My husband took me to the Roadside Diner in Amherst, where the medical facility is located and treated me to two eggs over easy, sausage and rye toast, easily my favorite breakfast this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Over in France I have my own favorite breakfast, a few pieces of toasted sliced baguette, butter and preserves with cafe au lait, coffee with milk and a pain aux raisins, a raisin Danish. The breakfast at the Roadside Diner hit the spot, their coffee wasn’t the greatest, a little old, but it did the trick, it gave me my jolt of caffeine.

This is great news, my husband feels relieved in a way he wasn’t before with the PET scan, here he feels he has definitive proof that the treatments worked and he will be able to sleep better at night. I’m glad he feels better, it makes me feel better as well.