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Even though this past winter was mild compared to the previous two winters, some of my plants seem to have suffered more then they should have theoretically. Perhaps it was the yo-yoing of frost to warm that did damage, I’m not sure. Case in point, the picture at the top featuring my crawling phlox in my pond garden shows one red tulip where there should have been at least a half dozen, in addition to hyacinth which never appeared. I’m hoping the iris do much better, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for their arrival.

On a positive note, the winter didn’t put a crimp on my wild strawberries, their tiny white flowers, so adorable, are carpeting the area near the pool, so come early June, I should have a fine, healthy harvest of tiny wild strawberries. I can’t wait, I love carefully picking them for my family, I’m allergic so I can’t eat them but I love feeding them to my husband.

The small purple flowers that come from vinca minor are everywhere, both in the back and the front of the house. I am sometimes conflicted by my vinca minor, there are days where I want to rip them out because they have taken over in too many parts of my gardens, there are other times, like today, where I don’t mind their prolific presence because the huge splash of color is quite beautiful, so I am torn.

Gardening is never boring, though I confess I haven’t done any work in my gardens as of yet, I am still too tired. I’ll ease into it nice and gently, no pressure, at least I will try not to put any pressure on myself, there is no need to do so.