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My husband and I went to see Spectre, the last Daniel Craig Bond installment according to the Hollywood gossip, and I think its his finest work, a nice farewell to the franchise if you will. When my husband and I left the movie theater, we couldn’t stop talking about Bond’s wardrobe, it was to die for, forget the ladies fashions, Daniel Craig was so finely turned out, no matter what occasion. His tuxedoes, his distinctive blue suits, the fabric was some of the finest I had ever seen, his pants were perfectly tailored, his shoes were assorted to the tee for either formal wear or Moroccan desert or they may have been in Tangiers, Danile Craig was bouncing around quite a bit. I think my favorite bit was the time he spent in Rome, I sighed at the sights, Rome is a magnificent city, I couldn’t help be a little nostalgic for the backpacking trip my sister and I took together, Rome had been one of the cities on our tour and we fell in love with the city, all of it, the people, the architecture, the food and all of the historical and religious iconic monuments. I felt as if I were visiting Rome for a few moments andjust for that Spectre was a hit in my book.

In terms of plot, it was the typical Bond plot, but isn’t that why we go see the Bond movies in the first place? The Bond ladies Monica and Lea were beautiful, elegant and smart, I admired their dresses, pants and gowns and their attitudes. The cars were sleek and fast, the explosions were big and loud and the bad guys were really, really bad. Lastly, the Bond franchise has latched onto the plotline of the corporate monolith getting involved and even bypassing governments in many arenas that historically took care of the public commons in all of its expressions. What was most interesting to me is that the corporate malefeasance was specifically targeted to get the results of making themselves seemingly necessary at the same time making the old guard seem incompetant. This is a real world problem, something to think about, all wrapped up in an entertaining action movie.