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We took the trio to the vet and had an excellent visit, Jack and Lulu had the last of their annual vaccinations and Stanley had one more puppy checkup and vaccination, his next one is in four weeks. Our vet was pleased with all three of our dogs, though Stanley received the most attention because he’s a fluffy ball of adorableness.

They do love their backyard, our three bundles of canine energy,  I love how Stanley has been fully accepted by both Jack and Lulu. Jack has been having the best time wrestling with Stanley and Lulu has lost her awkwardness and timidity  towards Stanley, it’s fun to watch.






I can’t stop taking pictures of Stanley, he is too cute and every time I whip out my cell phone, he automatically sits down, so what am I supposed to do, not take a picture?

It was  very easy taking the three to the vet, we squeezed them into the back seat of the car and luckily enough when we got to  the vet’s, we were sheparded into an examination room almost immediately. It was basically no fuss and no muss, easy as pie. Whew! 😀 lol