I was driving back from the airport this morning, it was about 6:40 am, I was driving up the backway back to Blandford, following the General Knox Trail which eventually brings me back home. I enjoy taking General Knox trail because ever since I read Washington’s biography, of which General Knox played an important role in his life, I imagine the road, paved now of course, but as it was back then during the Revolutionary War, being used to transport vital supplies from Massachusetts through to Connecticut and down to New York and this trail was a principal conduit of those days.

Actually General Knox Trail has been a major road even before the Revolutionary Road, Blandford was a community long before the formation of the United States, we have Blandford cemetary markers that predate the Revolutionay War and we have our own veterans of the Revolutionary War which we honor every Memorial Day celebrations.

So when I was driving and I saw the sunlight hitting the mountaintop so beautifully, highlighting the last remnants of color, I had to pull over and take its picture. It was so peaceful with the perfect crisp to the air, my nose was a bit chilled when I got back in the car. I remind myself how lucky I am, that I can stop and take a picture as lovely as this one, it’s a small thing, but I think it’s an important one.