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I spent some time during our stay at Liberty Hotel walking up and down Charles Street taking pictures, not only of Charles Street itself, but of the side streets leading up towards Beacon Hill. This neighborhood is one of my favorites, I feel the history through the cobblestones, the bricks and and the architecture. I love the small stores, the boutiques and the specialty shops that make up the entire length of the street.

I had hoped that my pictures would have shown up the shops more clearly, but unfortunately the lighting wasn’t as bright as it needed to be, to highlight the charm of the entire street.

Next time we’re in Boston, I am going to make sure that I revisit the TATTE bakery and cafe, I walked in and swooned over the tiny pear tarts, the beautiful croissant and the other baked goods  laid out so enticingly to tempt the eyes  and the nose. All of the other shops were cute, but this bakery has my tummy intrigued, so I am looking forward to my next visit.