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Murry Hill speaks Art Deco to me, this building up above with its spartan, elegant, strong stamped design caught my eye for the first time. I have walked past it hundreds of times, right now it has the Wells Fargo logo on the front doors, but I’m sure its orginal proprietors were more intriguing than a crooked bank. I can’t believe that I have walked right past it and never noticed its unique signature. How blind can I be, or was I walking with my head down, legs racing trying to get from point A to point B without noticing everything else that was right up above me? The building, called the Mobil building, was built in 1955, thank goodness for Google, originally it was intended to be brick but afterwards it was decided to be clad in aluminum until it was announced to be stainless steel, however it was designed, I’m glad that picked stainless steel, it is far more striking than any other material.

I was in that neighborhood visiting my dentist whose practice is on 30 East 40th Street right between Park Avenue and Madison, I called my mother afterwards to make dinner plans, pizza at Vesso’s on Lexington and 31st Street, right in the heart of Murry Hill. It’s a great neighborhood, my mother knew it well, her first office position was on Madison Avenue and 33rd Street, not too far from Lexington Ave.

The  glass building is right at Park Avenue and 40th Street, I love reflections, especially when it’s made up of buildings reflecting those around them, it provides so much depth and richness to a picture. This one is one of my favorites, I like both the simplicity and the complexity of the picture, I love snapping my camera, it makes for some pretty amazing shots.