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I was in Boston yesterday at the Norman B Leventhal Park people watching, it’s one of life’s cheapest pleasures. Who is this Norman B Leventhal? I asked Google and got my answer. He was a very civic minded business leader who did a lot to influence the look and feel of Boston’s skyline, not to mention what happened underneath the city. His park is situated at Post Office Square, right in the heart of Boston’s Financial District. I enjoy sitting in this park while I wait, sipping coffee and watching people eat lunch, gather in groups talking and wondering where people are off to, what they do for work.  It’s fun for me.

If you look real hard at the picture up above, you can see me in the reflection taking the picture. I did it on purpose, curious to see how it turned out and I think it came out pretty well if you know what to look for of course. The rest of the pictures I took from various angles sitting from my seat but I did go towards the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway to take some pictures later on. I could spend days and days taking pictures of Boston, there is so much to document and communicate through pictures, it feels like I see something new each and every time I visit.