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I have exhausted my treasure trove of France pictures and so today I am putting the focus back onto our canine babies, Jack and Lulu. They have been busy despite the fact that I wasn’t home, it isn’t as if they simply crawled under a bed, sulking, just waiting for me to come home. They were busy entertaining our children and my husband with their specific brand of shenanigans, like running and jumping around at vittle time, Jack using luggage and our shoes as his personal lounge area, and Lulu not understanding the concept of personal space whatsover either for dogs or humans. I won’t horrify you with tales of chipmunk hunting, just rest assured that Jack has taught Lulu only too well; woe the chipmunk who ventures out in the back yard, that is why they run around like crazy out in front.

Lulu, our wacky and delightful dog loves nothing more than to cuddle with all of us, the closer she is to you, the happier she is, it is so endearing.