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These pictures are from when I walked along the Charles River Reservation Park right at the border of Watertown and Newton MA earlier in the week. I am a big fan of the Charles River, I don’t know why, maybe it’s from watching the young people rowing near Harvard and M.I.T, or maybe it’s really that I love rivers, all of them, there is something about them that just appeals to me. They way they snake around a city, defining it in a number of ways, how rivers can change the nature of its surroundings, patiently and slowly, they can be tranquil one day and agitated the next. They are full of life, sources of so much diversity and bounty. One of my dream vacations would be to take a river cruise down the Canal de Midi in France, days and days of drifting down the canals surrounded by the stunning backdrop of Provence, being able to stop from town to town to indulge in local specialties, that would be a nice treat.