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Oh my goodness gracious, it was an inferno in the city today. This entire summer was splendidly warm and even cool at times and just this week, Mother Nature decided to cook us in the hot oven that Manhattan can sometimes feel like, for the entire first week of September. Today definitely was a tough day for the photography club, it was brutal, but we got a lot accomplished despite the Jungle hot weather.

First on the itinerary was to take a half cruise on the Circle Line around the tip of Manhattan. I should have done my homework and googled where to take the Circle Line, but I went along with what my cousin Francoise said and we mistakenly went quite a bit downtown towards Battery Park, when we realized that we should have been heading to Pier 83 on 12th Ave and 42nd Street. It wasn’t a big deal because when we finally got to the Pier we learned that the cruise wasn’t until 11:30 which gave us enough time to visit the HighLine which my new friends really liked as a photography point of inspiration.

We embarked on the cruise and once the ship was moving, it was very pleasant. The views of downtown, midtown and the Statue of Liberty were incredible and the stiff breeze felt great on everyone. It took an hour and half and we enjoyed every minute. We were cool at least.

We had very good pizza afterwards, Marc was a little disappointed because he didn’t realize that pizzerias don’t serve beer or offer dessert, but after a while, I found us a diner and Marc, his wife Claudine and I had coffee and dessert so he was happy.

The huge thing for today was finding B& H photography and video store on 9th avenue. Seeing my friends eyes widen and glisten while looking at every and any piece of photography equipment known to man, made me think of children seeing Santa’s workshop for the first time.

The heat got so intense that I had us take buses crosstown and even up and downtown; I never took buses in the city because I walked everywhere, but today it was just not possible. We were melting in that heat, we needed air-conditioned metro transport.

Finally after dinner we walked from 50th Street and Fifth Avenue all the way to the Park and across Central Park West and then down 7th Avenue bringing us back to the hotel. Another incredible day.