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Today there weren’t any pictures taken by me, instead my mother and I accompanied my cousin and just one of her photographers to an amazing retail outlet mall in the neighboring state of New Jersey. Actually beyond the the additional views of the gorgeous New York CIty skyline, this little excursion to an American mall was a great opportunity for them to see another part of what America is; our shopping preferences, our food courts, what an outlet mall is all about, getting great deals on Brand names that otherwise be beyond our means, things of that nature that often get missed during a tourist’s visit.

I had to bring them to IHOP, International House of Pancakes, because as I said to them; you haven’t lived until you have had pancakes at a IHOP. They were very excited for lunch; so after a few hours of hardcore shopping, we drove to the IHOP and all four of us each ordered the 2x2x2: two eggs, two links of sausage or bacon and two buttermilk pancakes. I can honestly say that each plate was sparkly clean; we were famished form shopping and it was really delicious.

Tomorrow there will be pictures, just not sure of what and how many, but there will be visuals.