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Ny husband and I went to see the newest X-Men movie out of the franchise and guess how we liked it? We loved it. Really in the final analysis, my husband and I, all we ask for from a movie is to sit in the dark for however long and forget the world around us, save for the movie being shown, and X-Men came through for us, as all of the previous movies did in the past.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I loved all of the actors, Jennifer Lawrence was especially great as Raven/Mystique and she has great chemistry with everyone that she interacts with; I have to say as an actress, I have yet to see her not have chemistry. I enjoy her work as an actor enormously and I look forward to seeing what other roles she will embody in the near future.

James Mcavoy has an incredible relationship and access to a wide range of emotions; it is beautiful to watch his expressive face and his eyes are truly a window into his character’s soul. His interpretation of Charles Xavier is very believable even when present day Professor Charles Xavier is in the movie; I truly got a real sense of who Charles Xavier is, the complete picture past and present. Moreover it was so lovely to see how many relationships within the X-Men family developed and evolved over time.

I realize that there are many comic book fans who may have some issues with the X-Men movies in terms of story lines, the special effects are never an issue from my understanding, but I have watched the X-Men cartoons since the early 1990’s and they may have deviated from the story boards, but I don’t mind, I love the actors tasked with bringing the characters to life and like I said, my husband and I only ask to take a journey for a few hours and we had a very nice journey today.