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Our poor Jack, over the past week or so, he has been having issues with his gastrointestinal system. Our son, who was Jack sitting, described it not as diarrhea, but more like a raspberry jam like substance oozing out of his bottom. He took Jack to the vet, had them do all sorts of tests and what did we find out? That Jack, like so many small dogs, might just be prone to having bouts of this when under stress. We were concerned that perhaps Jack, who will eat anything, might have swallowed something that had perforated his intestines, but his x-rays were clean, the doctor is thinking that he responds to stress vis his intestines.

Now what is highly ironic is that our Jack, he who will eat anything, turns up his nose to his medicinal food, his pills and his powdered food supplement. I captured it quite nicely, I think.