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Today I had the luxury of spending a few hours in one of my favorite parts of Boston, Boylston Street and Berkeley. The pictures that I took, I took from the steps of the Boston Library. I was in the midst of Copley Square just across the street from the Fairmont Hotel which incidentally offers a chocolate brunch on Sundays, I know because we took the babies there when they were little. The baby girl’s eyes were huge like saucers when she saw the chocolate fountain, she was dipping everything she could find to put in the fountain. That was a fun day.

Anyway, I was really enjoying my time on my perch at the Boston Library, on the top step where I could do people watching and admire the architectural bounty that is all around Boston. I even got to sit next to two lovely French tourists, a mother and her daughter. They were speaking about how European the city of Boston seemed and how lovely it was and they were having a wonderful time. I admit that I was eavesdropping but they didn’t know, I was being very discreet, I didn’t care what they were saying per say, I was simply enjoying the lyrical lilt to their voices.

Boston is such a lovely city, I really recommend visiting.






This last picture is one that my hubby took, he wanted to show me the future house that he wanted for us. It is a beauty. I could see us in our doddering old age enjoying the home and the garden.